Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.

- Rabindranath Tagore

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


कैलेब (kay-le-b)
That's how I woud write my name in Devanagari script. The same is used to write Hindi. So far, I've just been learning the script and a few words here and there. It's exciting to be able to read signs on the road. The problem is being able to pronounce and knowing what I'm pronouncing are very different things. It's a start.

I stayed with a lady named Mrs. Nanthur the last 3 nights. She is an incredibly generous lady and tried to stuff me to the gills at every meal. She lives in a place closer to the clinic called Vasant Vihar. I still just take an auto (rickshaw) everyday.

Almost able to see over the Trees
Yesterday, we had a staff retreat of sorts. We got to go into the Sanjay Gandhi National Park a ways and enjoyed the beautiful nature there together. We had a half hour on our own during which I began an ascent of the first Hill going up to the top. I took a picture, it was not a very high position but it was fun to climb/hike a bit.

Tuesday morning I got to see the HIV antibody tests performed. I was a lab assistant for Genetics this semester and performed many different experiment. It was a little odd to think about how unimportant the experiment I did during the semester were in comparison to this. All that we did in that lab was set up to demonstrate, that's it, no real consequences; the results of this ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) were reality for the people who gave the samples to be tested. It was sobering. Terribly simple process to prove that someone has HIV.

 I went on my own down into Mumbai that afternoon to pick up the book I ordered from OM books. It was a bit of an adventure. The public transportation system though is incredibly useful!

Monday, Anthony Wheaton, from Australia was visiting the clinic. I spent the whole day talking with him and meeting with different individuals in the clinic. He is on the tail end of his trip here and it was great to hear about the different things he's seen since throughout India.

Sunday, I went with the Andrews to church down in Powai. The service was performed by the children's/youth ministries. Basically their Christmas play. Kea was Jairus's daughter. It was fun to see something a little more familiar but also a good reminder that this season should not be void of truth or meaning. We ate visited a mall where I was able to find maps of Mumbai and Chennai. This is the 4th time to India and I just now got maps. In any case, they are very helpful to put together the big picture of where I am and how that relates to where I need to go. We also went to an Italian restaurant! It was nice to have a bit more familiar food. Later that evening we went to a much larger outdoor Christmas program. Kea had more parts in this one, including Mary, a verse reading, and a part in a choir. There was also a skit that included the Bombay Scottish School's choir singing a version of Lifehouse's "Everything." All in all it was a great Sunday with the Andrews Family. That night I moved to Mrs. Nanthur's on the way back from Powai.

Packed house for Thanksgiving Celebration
Saturday was even more filled than Sunday. It was the annual Thanksgiving Celebration for the Positive Friends of JSK. It was on the grounds of a school, not unlike those at Uddamarri. Many people shared their stories and the grace that they've seen in their lives. It was incredible to hear from the staff the stories behind many of the people present. There were numerous individuals that were in the last stages of the disease when JSK met them and saw them through incredible recoveries!

From the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal!
Tonight, I'll be getting on a train to Chennai! I'm very very excited to travel across India by rail! I hope to upload pictures and videos as soon as I get the chance but that may take time to find internet there. I will be travelling through the night for most of the west side of the country but I'll get a lot more view in the morning. There will be plenty of views with daylight on the back-end of the trip. Also on the return trip I'll get a bit of daylight here on the west side of the country. I'm excited to get to spend Christmas with my roommate and a few other friends from the states!

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