Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.

- Rabindranath Tagore

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Faith and Love

I am convinced of only one thing when it comes to what is commonly referred to as love: I am ignorant. How it intermingles and dances with our faith and relationship with Christ, I seem to be totally oblivious. I once thought I knew what it meant and how it was supposed to be tied to my life. I now only wish to understand to the fullest extent the lies that I myself have built up as truth in my heart. In reality this is much more about understanding who I am and what I really believe. At least, it is at this point in time. This is the first step. Perhaps one day, I will look back and see a path that God led me down that leads to the place of understanding and wisdom that I am looking for in my present. For now, Jesus must be my guide to understanding Him and me in clarity, honesty, and truth.

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jess&mich said...

Dude! He will. Let him take you there. So cool that you're blogging man. I love ya!